Autumn Wild

Autumn Wild - A sister trio releases a tribute album to the late grandfather D.L. Menard.

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about the girls

Danae, Victoria, and Sarah grew up in a large family in South Louisiana, immersed in a very rich cajun heritage. They have been very close since they were children but in their adulthood have ended up spread out across the US. Danae is married, with two children and settled in Grapevine, Texas. Victoria is married with one son and lives in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Sarah is working with a traveling animatronic dinosaur exhibit which tours to a new city every week. 

This project was certainly a logistical challenge from conception until the finished product, but it was one they were happy to conquer in order to see this project come to fruition.

Look for Danae's original song, "Legacy" and Victoria's original song, "C'est La Vie" on the album along with three of D.L. Menard's originals and a few covers. 


About the album

This project is dedicated to our late grandfather, D.L. Menard. He loved music from a young age and pursued it for the whole of his life. Through music, he found expression, joy, and most of all a community in fellow musicians and beautiful people from all over the world who became his beloved friends. We hope that this record will honor him and be a token of our love for him and the gift he’s given us. 

“Papop” passed his musical talent down to our dad, Larry, who together with our mom raised 6 musical children of their own. Our parents always had instruments around the house and invested in music lessons for each of us as they saw the value in music as a creative outlet, an exercise in discipline, and a beautiful medium to bring people together. Us three girls specifically began harmonizing together when we were young and turned every jingle, Christmas carol, and church chorus into an opportunity to perfect our blend. 

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to record this tribute album to Papop and show just how much of an impact he has made. We are proud to carry on his musical legacy, & we hope you enjoy the music!



Photographer: Danae Simmons